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Grace Abounding
T O _ T H E
Chief of Sinners
In a faithful account of the life of John Bunyan, or a brief relation of the exceeding mercy of God in Christ to him; namely, in taking him out of the dunghill, and converting him to the faith of His blessed Son,
J E S U S _C H R I S T.
Here is also
particularly showed, what sight of, and what trouble he had for sin; and also what various temptations he met with; and how God hath carried him through them. Corrected and much enlarged by the author, for the benefit of the tempted and dejected Christian.

By J O H N.B U N Y A N.

L O N D O N,

Published by George Larkin, 1666.

John Bunyan wrote this book while still in Bedford Prison.
It was first published in 1666, the year of the Fire of London.

"My dear children, the milk and honey is beyond this wilderness, God be merciful
to you, and grant that you be not slothful to go in to possess the land."

- John Bunyan, excerpt from the Preface of 'Grace Abounding'

This is not the 1666 edition.



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